Overview LAVAshield® welding blankets
50-3072 LAVAshield welding blanket front


LAVAshield® gold fiber glass welding blanket ± 550ºC per meter


ISO 9150:1988-12

TÜV 21278287 001

max. 4500 cm.

± 183 cm.

– This welding blanket is made of fiberglass at ± 1.000 grams/m², with a gold/yellow color coating with on one side acryl coating and on the other side neoprene coating.
– This welding blanket is intended to withstand a temperature of ± 550°C.
– The welding blankets which are made of black fiber glass or gold fiber glass can be ordered also per meter
(partnr. 50-2472 and 50-3072).
– When ordered per meter, the blankets will not be locked stitched and will be without grommets.
– The width of the blanket per meter is approx. 1,8 mt
EAC certificates