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The professional's choice world wide                   Weldas  also offers a custom designed product line for
                                                                special application and marketing needs in models,
         Weldas  on going product development and quality       packaging, barcode etc..
         control supported by field testing has earned           For more information on this contact Weldas .
         a world wide reputation for the highest quality and most
         innovative products.                                   Weldas  products are warranted against manufacturing
                                                                defects. Because of applications vary,
         Weldas  products are marked with appropriate EN        it is the user’s responsibility to select the right product
         marking standards and are manufactured in our own, by   for each application.
         TÜV, ISO certified factory.
         Most of the Weldas products are certified according to   Weldas is active in the following markets:
         the applicable European Norms which can be found on    • Welding market.                                     • Personal protection market.
                                                                • General industrial market.
         The pH, CHROMIUM (VI) and PCP levels of all materials in
         Weldas  products have been tested
         and meet CE health standards.
         Colouring is done by natural materials.

                                                                                        choice since

                                       Weldas  Europe
                                       The Netherlands

             Weldas  USA
                                                                   Weldas  Asia

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